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Ravens Training Camp Photos: Day 2

Ravens Training Camp: Day 2
Ravens Training Camp: Day 2

The Baltimore Ravens Practice Facility may be an amazing palace, the three full-size football fields resembled more of a desert Friday afternoon, with temperatures and humidity approaching triple digits. People were drenched with sweat, complaining, and constantly going inside to the air conditioned confines of the building and that was just the media.


The players had trainers and assistants giving them water and sports drinks every possible chance and break, but still the heat was inescapable out there.

Here are a bunch of more photos from Day 2 of the Ravens Training Camp in Owings Mills, Maryland:

At one point a coach yelled, "Old Maryland versus new Maryland," when rookie WR Torrey Smith went out for a pass one-on-one guarded by CB Domonique Foxworth.