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More Ravens Training Camp Photos: Day 1

Ravens head coach John Harbaugh
Ravens head coach John Harbaugh

Thursday's practice was only the first of many in the heat and humidity of the Baltimore Ravens Practice Facility in Owings Millls, Maryland. Friday starts the two-a-days, with the first full practice at 8:30am, followed by the second, but at an easier pace in the afternoon. Friday is destined to be a scorching, with temperatures possible approaching the triple digit mark, so expect the team to take it easy on just their second day of working out as a team.

Thursday produced some memorable photos and a few solid plays, but mostly it was a meet-and-greet for many players, some so new the veterans referred to them by number rather than name. With almost 30 new faces signed to the team in the last couple of days, players will be introducing themselves for the next few days. Some of the younger kids from smaller programs will be star-struck to look across the locker room and see Ray Lewis, Haloti Ngata, Ray Rice and Joe Flacco as their teammates.


Some of the players will be getting a shot at impressing the coaches enough to stick around and possibly become that next great undrafted free agent to follow in the footsteps of Bart Scott, Dannell Ellerbe and Jameel McClain. Most, however, will be cut and forced to either bump around the league on Practice Squads, or enter the workforce like everybody else and dream of what might have been.

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