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Ravens Quotes Upon Return To Facility

When NFL facilities opened up for players to begin reporting for voluntary workouts, a few of the Baltimore Ravens players trickled in. They came to workout, visit the trainer's room and meet with coaches. Head Coach John Harbaugh, along with RB Ray Rice, CB Domonique Foxworth, DT Terrence Cody and rookie WR Torrey Smith all met with the press upon their arrivals.

From, here are a few of their responses to the questions posed to them from the assembled members of the media yesterday:

Head Coach John Harbaugh on the media reports that have speculated the impending releases of a few veteran players:

"Well, it’s probably a natural progression in this league, and it’s tough, it’s hard. And those four reports are true. I know Ozzie [Newsome] wanted to call those guys right away and let them know before they heard it from anywhere else. It’s just the reality of the salary cap, it’s the situation we’re in right now, and going forward, we’ve got to try to make the best team we can. That’s not ruling anything out either. I mean, I think in this climate, anything is possible. You may have an opportunity to bring some of those guys back. You may not. It just depends on how it shakes out [over] the next couple of days."

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RB Ray Rice on teammates being let go:

"First off, you think about the relationships that you’ve built with them. I’ll start with Willis McGahee. When I came in I was a rookie, and Willis was the first to teach me the ropes. Not to say that nobody else helped me, but as a veteran throughout his career… It’s never been a battle. People didn’t know that he was competing for his job. But I think McGahee taught me to be the best Ray Rice can be. You don’t have to compete with me; we were two different players who brought two different things to the game. Todd Heap, a guy that’s just the ultimate hard worker, he battled through injury, but still could go out there and play the game at a high level. And Derrick [Mason], he’s the ultimate leader. You take a guy like that… For me, it’s like you’re kind of upset about it but you also know it’s the business. It makes you want to relish the moments you have with them. Obviously, these are lifelong friends. That’s what the game of football has done for me; these are lifelong friends that I’ll have forever that taught me the way. We hate to see them go, we really do, and I’m sure that fans hate to see them go, too. But I’m sure they’ll end up somewhere, and hopefully, I want to get a few guys back if we can."

CB Domonique Foxworth on the condition of his knee:

"I have no intention of being on a PUP list [to start camp]. I have full intentions of getting out there and contributing right away. I don’t know what their plan is, but I’m going to give them the best that I can give them, and hopefully, that means I’m starting on Week 1. If my contribution… Well, I expect that my contribution also will include helping Jimmy [Smith] mature as fast as possible intellectually on the field and socially off the field. I’ve talked to him a couple times. He seems like a great young man, and I’ve heard that he’s a great talent. So, it’s really part of your responsibility, especially on a team like this, it’s understood that you help out the young guys, and I felt like doing it with [Lardarius] Webb before was great, and he’s really come into his own. So, I look forward to working with Jimmy and teaching him everything I can and helping him mature."

DT Terrence Cody on his thoughts on the potential cutting of NT Kelly Gregg and if he sees it as an opportunity:

"Yes I do, but at the same time, Kelly Gregg was a mentor and a teacher to me, and he was a big part of me learning a lot last year and just how to play as a nose guard in this system. That’s what he taught me. When I heard that, it was a shock to me because I thought that he would be one of the guys that would come back this year."

WR Torrey Smith on if he is ready for a potential major role this year, with the possibility of Derrick Mason not returning:

"I feel like I best be ready if they need me to play that role. I’m going to do it to the best of my ability. Obviously, coach ‘Hoss,’ if they put me in that position, they put me there for a reason. I just have to go out there and prove my worth. Obviously, I am not Derrick. I am not a veteran. I am not the leading receiver in Ravens history, so it is a start, but I just have to work hard."

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