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Donte Stallworth Signing With Redskins

Most fans of the Baltimore Ravens knew that wide receiver Donte Stallworth would not be returning to the team, but they didn't expect him to be staying within the region either. According to a story on SB Nation, Stallworth will be signing a contract with the Washington Redskins on Friday when free agents are first officially allowed to sign.

Stallworth's signing with the Ravens in 2010 drew mixed reviews after being suspended for the entire 2009 season after hitting and killing a pedestrian while under the influence. However, he never really got into the offense, catching only two passes and rushing the ball five times on all-too predictable reverses, gaining 45 yards.

Stallworth now joins the pass-challenged Redskins, who are still looking to make a big splash in the free agency pool, reportedly in the market still for one of the former New York Jets' wide receivers, either Santonio Holmes or Braylon Edwards.