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Much Ado About Nothing, or a Plan In the Works?

Late yesterday afternoon the Baltimore Ravens released Derrick Mason, Todd Heap, Willis McGahee, and Kelly Gregg. A move that could clear roughly 18.6 million dollars in cap-room. And while it has been made evident that the Ravens are interested in bringing back at least 3 of those names for a lesser contract, it still begs the question; What is Ozzie up to?

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With one of the strongest free agent classes in recent years, all this clearing of cap space has Ravens fans dreaming big. And as we all know, Ozzie doesn't make big moves like this without something bigger in the plans. All signs are pointing to one conclusion; the Ravens are primed to re-sign some of their upcoming free agents, and then have some extra money to spend in the free agent market. Of course this is all speculation until an official move is made, but it never hurt to be an optimist. And here's some food for thought, a recent tweet by Matt Williams stating: "BALT seems poised to add big time starter, but who? Nnamdi, Joseph, R Edwards, Santonio, S Rice?" was retweeted by the official Ravens twitter. Could this be a confirmation to what all of us Ravens fans are hoping to be a fruitful free-agency period, or nothing at all? Feel free to discuss.