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NFL Players Say "Thank You" To Fans

From the NFLPA, here is the video made by the NFL players, thanking us fans for sticking by them and the game and their desire to get back out on the field and make the labor discord a thing of the past. Notice how no huge NFL star is in the video, as they were probably not available when it was made.

Also notice how they are thanking us for standing behind "them," despite the fact that in many ways us fans were used against both sides while not getting any serious thoughts in this whole process. Both the players and owners need the fans but do not think for a minute that the sides worked out an agreement for us, they did it so they could reap the benefits they share on a $9 billion dollar industry that we pay our hard earned bucks toward a portion of that pot.

Here is the official wording in the email received just today:

"On behalf of the NFLPA, the players of the National Football League want to thank you for your support and patience during the lockout. We worked hard to reach a fair agreement and now that the lockout has been lifted, players and fans can enjoy the game they love."