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Ravens To Sign Fresno State DT Cornell Banks

Fresno State's Cornell Banks (
Fresno State's Cornell Banks (

Based on a story in the Fresno Bee, the Baltimore Ravens have apparently reached an agreement to sign former Fresno State Bulldog DT Cornell Banks to a free agent contract. The undrafted Banks is 6'3" and anywhere between 310 and 323 pounds, depending on the publication. NFL Draft Scout has him at the heavier weight, along with more stats from his college career.

However, Banks says he is in the best shape of his career and may even be down to as little as 305 pounds. The Ravens may choose to use him as a defensive end at the lighter weight, or even bulk him back up in a more muscular way to keep him inside the middle of the line.

The signings are going to come fast and furious and Baltimore Beatdown will do whatever it can to keep on top of the flurry of moves that are sure to begin shortly.