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Official List Of Ravens Free Agents

The Baltimore Ravens have a relatively large group of players that will be free agents once everything gets back on track this morning. While the Ravens and the rest of the NFL can negotiate with both their own as well as other team's free agents, they cannot be officially signed until Friday at 6pm.

This is the list of the players from the Ravens that will be free agents effective immediately and can be either re-signed by the team or signed by any other at the end of this week. The list has their position, college and the Right of First Refusal/Compensation Pick that the Ravens would get if signed by another team.

Cousins, Oniel (T) Texas-El Paso / 3rd
Gooden, Tavares (LB) Miami / 3rd
McClain, Jameel (LB) Syracuse / 2nd
Nakamura, Haruki (DB) Cincinnati / 6th
Parmele, Jalen (RB) Toledo / 6th
Smith, Marcus (WR) New Mexico / 4th
Talavou, Kelly (NT) Utah / ROFR
Zbikowski, Tom (DB) Notre Dame / 3rd