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Hot Rumor: Boston College LB Mark Herzlich To Sign With Ravens

As mentioned in comments in an earlier post this evening, the hot rumor out there is that former Boston College LB Mark Herzlich is about to sign with the Baltimore Ravens. Herzlich has since said that a deal has not yet been done, but while teams can negotiate with undrafted free agents, they still cannot officially sign them until 6pm on Friday evening. Many news reports have mentioned this as a possibility including SB Nation's main page as well as their Boston College blog, BC Interruption.

Herzlich surprisingly went undrafted in April's 2011 NFL Draft, even though he was the ACC Defensive Player of the Year in 2008, but then he was diagnosed with cancer and while he missed the 2009 season, he returned and had a solid 2010 season for the Boston College Eagles.

However, despite his body of work on the playing field, his health concerns made all 32 teams, including the Ravens, shy away from him on Draft Day. Now that the NFL Lockout is history, the Ravens are excited to give him a chance to prove everybody wrong and make it on the professional level and while the other 31 teams will be his opponent, most likely everyone is secretly rooting for the kid to succeed.