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Ravens To Release Todd Heap Among Others

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Before fans of the Baltimore Ravens grab their pitchforks and straw torches to head up to One Winning Drive in Owings Mills, Maryland to set siege to 'The Castle,' wait and see what the team has in store for these guys before setting the facility ablaze. See all the stories on who the team will be releasing on

The Ravens have announced that they will be releasing tight end Todd Heap, wide receiver Derrick Mason, running back Willis McGahee and defensive tackle Kelly Gregg. Most people expected McGahee to be giving his walking papers and some might have seen the writing on the wall for Gregg as well, both due to the high salaries they were due to earn in 2011.

However, the Mason and especially the Heap news is shocking to say the least. Heap enjoyed a resurgence in 2010 and that is why the move could just be to re-work his contract to what is more cap-friendly to prepare the team to sign other players and free agents. The same might go for Mason, as both players were expected to play big roles in the team's offense this season.