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NFL Lockout Officially Over

The 32 NFL team player representatives voted unanimously earlier to approve the owners proposal on a new 10-year Collective Bargaining Agreement, albeit with no "opt-out" as had been previously mentioned, officially ending the NFL Lockout. The next week in the NFL might be the craziest and busiest in league history, with Training Camps, free agency and trades being started all within hours or days of each other. The timeline of what will happen can be found in the story at

The so-called free agency feeding frenzy that has been repeatedly mentioned here on Baltimore Beatdown will commence shortly, with teams able to sign their draft picks as well as the undrafted college free agents. While they can negotiate with both their own and other veteran free agents outside of their organizations, they cannot officially sign them until later in the week.

Many teams will open Training Camps Wednesday morning, while other will do so on either Thursday or Friday. The Baltimore Ravens will open for their Practice Facility for voluntary workouts on Tuesday, while the full team will be reporting Wednesday morning for the first official day of Training Camp.

Let the festivities begin!