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Ravens Were Concerned Lockout Would Alter 2011 Schedule

2011 Baltimore Ravens Season Tickets
2011 Baltimore Ravens Season Tickets

The Baltimore Ravens, along with everyone else, including the other 31 NFL teams, the league, players and fans, were very concerned that the NFL Lockout might continue deep into the summer and affect the 2011 NFL season, forcing the changing of the schedule, much less the threat of actually canceling some of the 16 regular season games.

So afraid, in fact, that they knew they had to make a decision on sending out season tickets to their PSL holders last week, since they had received payments for the tickets, which includes eight home regular season games as well as two exhibition games.

As you can see in the photo above, they decided to send out the season tickets, but instead of putting the date and opponent on each ticket as they have always done in the past. they just labeled the tickets, "Game 1," "Game 2," etc. While season ticket holders just began receiving these last week, the team had to make the decision to have them printed up and mailed quite a while ago and obviously had no other choice than to make them as generic as possible, due to the uncertainty of the labor dispute.