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Ravens Players Angry Over Owners "Pressure"

Even though the NFL owners approved the new Collective Bargaining Agreement, the players have not voted nor re-certified as a union. However, they are collectively angry about feeling pressured to vote to approve it without going through it with a "fine tooth comb," as noted in a story by Aaron Wilson of the Carroll County Times.

A few of the players on the Ravens commented on this in the linked story. They feel that they need to look at the entire agreement, not just the main talking points. This is a ten-year deal and the players are now looking at possibly adding a provision that would allow them to opt-out after seven years, a clause not negotiated nor talked about prior to the owner's voting to approve the offer.

As long as the players do not vote to accept it the 2011 NFL season cannot start, facilities will not open, free agency will not begin and the exhibition games will not be held. If the players delay much longer, the first pre-season game is in jeopardy and this writer is beginning to think that the players would not only not be upset at the loss of one meaningless game and at the same time, send a costly message to the owners that they cannot and will not be strongarmed into making any decisions that they are not entirely comfortable with.