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NFLPA Tentatively Agrees To Vote Next Week

According to ESPN News, John Clayton and Chris Mortenson say that the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA) has tentatively agreed to vote on the owner's labor deal, as well as union recertification next week.

Unfortunately, that does not mean that the NFLPA will vote to approve the deal, nor does it guarantee that training camps, free agency, the exhibition season will start as the NFL owners had stated when they voted to prove the offer to the players.

Exactly when they will vote has not been released as of the writing of this story, but with the clock ticking on how the 2011 NFL season may be affected, be it in the timing of free agency or the possible loss of one or more exhibition games, the owners cannot be happy that the players have not yet approved what they thought was a done deal when they announced that they had voted 31-0 to approve it last week..