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Ravens Prepare Practice Facility For Training Camp

Baltimore Ravens Practice Facility
Baltimore Ravens Practice Facility

When the Baltimore Ravens announced that they would not be holding their annual summer Training Camp at McDaniel College in Westminster, Maryland, it meant that their Owing Mills Practice Facility would have to handle the larger crowds, not of fans but of players and media personnel. Changes to the locker room, media room and even the playing fields, would have to be made to accommodate a lot more people than normal.

According to a story from Football News Now, the team and organization as a whole seems up to the task, even if that means turning the player's basketball court into a makeshift rest area, complete with cots so the players can take naps during their breaks.

Hopefully, Baltimore Beatdown will be granted credentials for the third consecutive year to cover the team's Training Camp, as fans will not be permitted to attend practices, although the Ravens have said they plan to hold at least one or two sessions at M&T Bank Stadium that would be open and free to the public.