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Terrell Suggs On TMZ

Baltimore Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs joined TMZ Live to talk about the NFL Lockout, as well as the movie he wrote, from a woman's point of view. Many Ravens fans are aware that T-Sizzle is very much involved in the movie business, even having his own production company which has produced a few shows, one of which actually was reviewed recently at the Cannes Film Festival.

Suggs joined the TMZ Live crew via webcam to discuss the NFL labor issue and said he was waiting for the call to return to the team, joking that he would "screen their calls for a couple of days," to delay his reporting. He said he knew the fans were on the player's sides and the fans were missing out the most in all of this. He was asked about the lawsuit that a large group of players have combined together on to sue the league for knowing the danger of head injuries since the league started 90 years ago. When Suggs was asked if he was worried about his own personal health, he responded, "I'm a barbarian, I don't care.!" 

He spoke abut his movie from a female's perspective on the many complications of a relationship. One of the interviewer's went to Arizona State with Suggs and said Terrell went to a Women's Studies course even though he never registered for the class.