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Derrick Mason Speaks Out On New Agreement

Getty Images

Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Derrick Mason was interviewed recently on Baltimore Sportstalk 105.7 The Fan. The transcript is posted on Sports Radio Inteviews where Mason explains how the confusion of the why the players have not immediately approved the NFL owners proposal that apparently the NFLPA Executive Committee gave its blessings to.

Mason actually blames the media for falling for the hype and PR tactics of the owners, which puts the ball in the player's court and the delay is beginning to make them look like the bad guys in this deal. Nothing could be further from the truth, as it takes time for all the ins-and-outs of the new CBA to be explained, digested and voted upon.

In addition, the players must first re-certify themselves as a legitimatete union prior to voting, which has its own implications that need to be determined. The other rumors surfacing is that the new CBA has certain terms that were not at the forefront of the issues, but still need to be reviewed, disseminated and ultimately voted on as well. In te meantime, the clock keeps ticking..