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Ravens FG Favorite In Week 1 Match-Up

The Baltimore Ravens open the 2011 NFL regular season hosting their arch-rivals, the Pittsburgh Steelers on September 11, 2011. With the NFL labor dispute all but over, it looks like this game will be one of, if not the best match-up in week one. As the home team, the Ravens have opened as three point favorites on most gambling sites, such as

In most betting circles, home field advantage is worth three points, so it is not surprise that the linesmakers see this game as basically even. While the Ravens have not beaten the Steelers when Ben Roethlisberger has played, the team have traded enough punches to only see one score as being the difference in this game for what seems like years now.

Not only are both team's players and fans circling this game on the schedule as one to watch and set the tone for the 2011 seson, but all NFL fans love to see these two teams battle it out in what has been voted on as the league's best rivalry right now. Unfortunately, other than the two team's TV markets,you're going to have to have a premium cable or satellite package if you want to watch this game. Luckily, Ravens fans will either be at the game or glued to their TV sets when the 1pm kickoff comes in just over seven weeks.