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Owners Approve Deal Without Ravens' Bisciotti

The NFL owners voted 31-0 to approve the current deal on the table to the players on a new Collective Bargaining Agreement. Of the 32 NFL owners, only the Oakland Raiders' Al Davis chose to abstain, which shouldn't surprise anyone.

Baltimore Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti was unable to personally take part in the vote, as he had a prior commitment. However, team president Dick Cass stood in for Bisciotti and voted to approve the deal. The players had a conference call but have not voted as of the writing of this story.

Before they can agree as a group they must re-certify themselves as a legal union, which could also put them in a precarious position if the owners choose to make a strategic move against them once they do unionize again. It's a complicated situation, one that might take as much as a few more days, although the hope is that it will be voted on immediately, so team facilities can open as soon as Saturday and free agency as well as training camps can begin on Wednesday.

Cross your fingers.