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From The NFLPA To Fans

I received this from the PR firm that represent the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA) and wanted to share it with readers of Baltimore Beatdown and NFL fans everywhere:

Good afternoon,

On behalf of the NFLPA, we would like to continue providing you the most up-to-date details on the current labor talks and impending settlement. We’re sure you have been following along over the past few days and have been updating your readers, as we’re excited the lockout has hopefully reached its concluding moments. 

We want to thank you specifically for sticking with us throughout the lockout.  Your assistance in making sure the players’ voice is heard is invaluable and is greatly appreciated.  In the coming days, we will have a video straight from the NFL Players with a special thank-you message for you and your readers for your continued support.  Aside from providing content we send your way, we hope that you will once again direct your readers and fans to,, and additionally share all happenings with your readers via your respective social media channels.