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NFL Labor Peace Could Be Approved Today

According to a story on, team player reps could be voting on accepting a new Collective Bargaining Agreement from the owners as you are reading this. Wednesday is the day that it is reported that the player reps will see the full offer for settlement and once they approve it, there will be a "summit" for four representatives from each team to go over the major points so they can go back to the teams for their vote to end the labor impasse and start the season on time.

Training Camps would most likely open either on-time or at the most a few days late and while the Pro Football Hall of Fame game scheduled for August 7th may be moved back, the rest of the exhibition season should continue as scheduled. That means a full un-altered regular season schedule will begin on time, including the Baltimore Ravens hosting the Pittsburgh Steelers in the season opener on September 11th.

Free agency procedures still need to be finalized and will obvious be a fast and furious process, but the simple fact that this appears to be on its way to settlement is enough to have every fan finally happy to realize that there will indeed be a full season of NFL football in 2011.