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Harbaugh Still Ticked At Bears For Draft Day Trade Fiasco

Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh is still ticked off at the Chicago Bears for the failed trade in the first round of the 2011 NFL Draft. As it says in the story on, he just "won't let sleeping Bears lie,"about the fiasco that culminated in the Ravens being passed over by the Kansas City Chiefs after they thought they had a trade with the Bears to drop back and getadditional picks. The full radio dialogue with these and other comments from Harbaugh is posted on Sports Radio Interviews.

Interesting thing about his willingness to level accusations at the Bears was that he was being interviewed on a Chicago radio station at the time. The Ravens were supposed to be sending their 26th pick in the first round to the Bears in exchange for their 29th selection and a fourth round pick. The Bears wanted Wisconsin offensive lineman Gabe Carimi, while the Ravens stated they still thought they could take Colorado cornerback Jimmy Smith at the later pick in the first round.

Luckily, when the Chiefs bypassed the Ravens, they didn't take Smithand both teams ended up with the guys they wanted in the first place. However, Baltimore missed out on garnering an extra draft pick in round four, and Harbaugh is not buying the Bears comment that they just made a mistake, inferring Chicago purposely held up the trade and lied.

At least these two teams don't meet in 2011, so no bulletin board material for either team. Move along people, there's nothing else to see here....