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NFL Player Arrests Continue At High Pace

Even though NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has made it a personal goal to improve the reputation of the league and limit the number of players appearing in crime logs, guys are still finding ways to get themselves in trouble, especially with much more time on their hands due to the NFL Lockout, which despite being rumored to be settled any day, continues for now.

Baltimore Ravens LB Ray Lewis was mocked for saying that the lack of football would result in an increase in crime, although I doubt he was referring to the players themselves. The latest in this long list is Cincinnati Bengals RB Cedric Benson, but to be fair to Benson, Indianapolis Colts DE Jerry Hughes was picked up for public intoxication the same day.

However Benson is only the third Bengals player to be arrested in the past month. Safety Marvin White and CB Pacman Jones have been reported as being arrested recently. Of course, the biggest name on the website, NFL Crimes Blog lately has been Pittsburgh Steelers WR Hines Ward, who was arrested earlier this month on a DUI charge.

Let's hope the trend of not seeing players on the Baltimore Ravens on this list continues and the start of training camps around the league shortly keeps the rest of the NFL players off of it in the future.