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Anquan Boldin's Brother Playing In CFL

Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Anquan Boldin will be watching football on TV Friday night as his brother, D.J. Boldin, makes his professional football debut with the Toronto Argonauts of the Canadian Football League. After a successful exhibition season, D.J., Anquan's younger brother, who spent last season on the Argo's practice squad, should get some decent playing time in the season opener against the Calgary Stampeders.

A story in the Toronto Suntalked about the brother's common bond and noted the record-setting pace the elder Boldin has set in his NFL career. As a member of the Baltimore Ravens, Anquan has another chance to return to the Super Bowl, after losing to the Pittsburgh Steelers in his only appearance. However, Anquan now has a chance to play the Steelers at least twice per season and even played them three times in his first season with the Ravens.

Meanwhile D.J. Boldin realizes the hype and pressure, much less the expectations that come with the last name. Count Anquan among D.J.'s biggest supporters in his quest to make a name for himself at the pro level, albeit one in a game with three chances to make a first down, not four. And of course, never forget about the most exciting play in all of sports, the Canadian Football League's "rouge!"