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At Least's Kirwan Likes Ray Lewis

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In his continuing ranking of the NFL players by position,'s Pat Kirwan has continually downplayed the performance of the players on the Baltimore Ravens. That changes now, according to Football News Now, when he puts Ray Lewis at the top of his inside linebacker grouping.

Kirwan really didn't have a choice, despite the common comments that Ray has lost a step, etc., he still had a solid if not spectacular 15th season in 2010 and looks forward to repeating his performance this season. Even the NFL players themselves ranked Lewis the number one defensive player in 2011 and fourth overall.

Terrell Suggs was ranked as an outside linebacker and will be reviewed in another posting. The other Ravens linebackers were not given rankings by Kirwan, which is just fine by everyone in Baltimore, as they will be glad to prove Kirwan wrong on both sides of the ball in Baltimore by the time the 2011 season is done.