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Steelers Fans Flood ESPN's James Walker's Message Center

Ever since ESPN's James Walker predicted in his AFC North Blog that the Baltimore Ravens will win the AFC North, fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers have bombarded Walker's inbox with comments, laughing at him and the Ravens. They continue to echo safety Ryan Clark's comments that until the Ravens can consistently beat his Steelers, there really isn't a true rivalry.

At the same time, everyone knows when these two teams get together, it is a knock-down street fight and to be honest with you, the Ravens should have swept the Steelers in 2010 and won the AFC North. However, should have, could have, would have, are admittedly the phrases of excuses. Take away the game-changing Troy Polamalu play and the way the Ravens let the Steelers erase a two touchdown deficit in the playoffs and it would have been Baltimore in the Super Bowl in most Ravens fan's minds.

Until the Ravens can take it to the Steelers, win the division and beat Pittsburgh in the post season, they might be a slight level beneath them. The good thing is that the two teams meet in Baltimore for the opener of the 2011 regular season, so we will get a good idea of how accurate Walker's prediction might be, and if he deserves to get slammed by Steelers fans for his pick.