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Around The AFC North With James Walker

Many readers of Baltimore Beatdwn have followed ESPN's James Walker through his AFC North Blog stories that I have linked to on a regular basis. Walker's take on the division has usually been fair, honest and reasonable. He obviously likes the Baltimore Ravens, but tempers any loyalty with balanced opinions, which is a lot more than other analysts we've linked to,

Walker put out a couple of stories recently on two subjects of interest to Ravens fans. The first is accepting the possibility that FB LeRon McClain will not be re-signed by the team and therefore they will need to look at free agency for his replacement. His blog features the comparison between former Cleveland Browns FB Lawrence Vickers and former Houston Texans FB Vonta Leach.

Walkers next story on his blog was his prediction that the Baltimore Ravens would supplant the Pittsburgh Steelers at the top of the AFC North in 2011. He sees the off season travails of the Steelers being a huge warning sign that they are unraveling and the Ravens will step over them in the standings, to which I have no problem agreeing with.