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Why I Might Root For Japan To Beat USA In Women's World

Before you call me un-American and question my patriotism, let me give you a brief synopsis of my title statement. It's very simple and even obvious once you step back and look at the two teams as well as the respective country. The USA is the big mega-power that has all the resources to put the best players in the world out on the field to win this for what would be the third time. Mind you, if they win and I think they will, I will be proud and happy for the ladies, who have obviously worked their butts off and provided a ton of excitement to the fans who have followed them these past few weeks.

However, Japan has been through so much over the past year with the terrible earthquake and subsequent tsunami that devastated their country, killed so many, including the team's head coach and reducing their practice field to a homeless shelter for victims. Their entire country will be watching and praying for victory and if they do pull off the incredible upset, the Japanese people will erupt in celebration that will lift their spirits and sustain them, if not distract them from their realities.

If the USA wins, the highlights will be shown, people watching will cheer and then it will all be forgotten. Both teams deserve to win, but Japan needs to win. Just like when Canada beat the US in the hockey World Cup, we would have celebrated and partied, but Canada would cherish it forever. Root for the United States today and be happy if they win. However, if Japan shocks the world and wins, cheer for them instead of complaining about defeat.