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Pat Kirwan Disses Ravens Receivers

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In his continuing ranking of NFL players by position,'s Pat Kirwan looks at the wide receivers and apparently does not like what he sees on the Baltimore Ravens. In a story from Football News Now, Kirwan once again puts the players into groups starting with the "A" group and working down from there. I have no problem bypassing any Ravens WR in that group which includes Arizona’s Larry Fitzgerald, Houston’s Andre Johnson, Detroit’s Calvin Johnson, Reggie Wayne from the Indianapolis Colts and Atlanta’s Roddy White.

I cannot argue our wideouts even being in the second tier, or "B" group along with the likes of Miles Austin from the Dallas Cowboys, Kansas City’s Dwayne Bowe, Philadelphia’s DeSean Jackson, San Diego’s Vincent Jackson and Green Bay’s Greg Jennings. However, when you get to the "C group, with Pittsburgh’s Mike Wallace, Santonio Holmes from the New York Jets, Marques Colston from the New Orleans Saints, Miami’s Brandon Marshall and Hakeem Nicks from the New York Giants, yet neither Anquan Boldin nor Derrick Mason, I begin to get a bit uncomfortable.

Although Boldin shows up in the "D" group, with players such as Denver’s Brandon Lloyd, Carolina’s Steve Smith, New England’s Wes Welker and Tampa Bay’s Mike Williams, Mason's name is not mentioned until the "H" group. Joining Derrick at that lower level are Danny Amendola from the St. Louis Rams, Buffalo’s Stevie Johnson, Steve Smith from the New York Giants and Seattle’s Mike Williams.

Now I realize this is just conjecture on the part of a respected NFL analyst who did not rank QB Joe Flacco in his top ten, and choose Pittsburgh Steelers safety Troy Polamalu over our own Ed Reed. However, to place these two consistent solid receivers that far down on the list, plus note that their skills are on the decline, just further should continue to irritate all Ravens fans on Kirwan's opinions.