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Football War Room's "Blog of the Week"

Baltimore Beatdown is honored to have been named the Football War Room's "Blog of the Week." Football War Room is a website where you can be the General Manager of your own professional football franchise. You pick the city you want to represent, select your roster by signing players, free agents and even drafting college players. You have to get down to 40 players on your roster by the time the regular season starts, but remember, you also have a salary cap that you must pay strict attention to.

Once the regular season is over, there are the playoffs and the championship game, known as the Mega Bowl. However, it doesn't end there as you can have long term contracts and keep players from one year to the next and must be careful, as the computer automatically allows players to get better until they reach age 25, but then automatically decreases their skills once they hit 30. Guess the computer doesn't know the Baltimore Ravens' Ray Lewis, huh?

The best thing is that you don't have to wait until the real football season starts to play. In fact, not only can you start now, but you an play the entire season at one time, or just one game at a time to see the results. Try it and have fun, as it's a lot cheaper than actually owning your own team and having to deal with cry-babies, whiners and complainers,..and that's just the other owners, much less the players too!