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Ravens' Derrick Mason Model Of NFL Consistency

According to an interesting story by Aaron Wilson of the Carroll County Times, Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Derrick Mason is about to enter rarefied air in pro football statistics. If Mason can continue to do what he has for the past eleven seasons and catch at least 60 passes in 2011, he can be in rare company in NFL history.

Only current Atlanta Falcons TE Tony Gonzalez have each caught at least 60 passes for 12 straight seasons in the NFL. Hall of Fame WR Jerry Rice caught 60 passes in a season for eleven consecutive seasons, mostly while a member of the San Francisco 49ers. Rice was joined by Mason last year when he caught 61 passes for the 11th straight time.

Derrick has already proved that his is one the most consistent players in the NFL, but would like to join Gonzalez at the top of the streak, although Tony will have the chance to extend his streak and stay one season ahead of Mason. At the same time, something tells me that Mason would gladly see that streak broken in exchange for a Super Bowl ring next year.