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NFL Lockout Cartoon

by: Gary Finkler (
by: Gary Finkler (

With all the problems going on the world today, one would have to think that the NFL Lockout is minor in comparison. However, it just may be that right now, both US President Barrack Obama and NFL Commissioner may be looking at each other's problems and thinking the same thoughts as in the cartoon above.

If you like this cartoon, check out other by Gary Finkler, who is a graphic designer as well as a big time sports fan. Combining his work and passion, he has come up with a bunch of funny sports-related cartoons on his blog, 7th Inning Sketch.

Finkler's blog includes cartoons about football, baseball and hockey, but in light of the NFL Lockout still continuing as of this posting, we both thought the readers of Baltimore Beatdown would get a kick out of this. Check it out and feel free to pass it around, with credit to Gary of course!