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Baltimore Charm Tryouts: Are You Ready For Some Lingerie Football?

LFL Baltimore Charm Helmet
LFL Baltimore Charm Helmet

With no lockout in sight and the 2011 Lingerie Football League season on schedule to start for the Baltimore Charm come September 16, 2011, all that remains is for the team to finalize its roster and keep practicing. The team can officially carry 20 players on its roster, with fourteen active and dressed for any game. Currently, it appears that nineteen of those roster spots are set, although things can always change by the wishes of head coach Rick Reeder.

Still open to finding more skilled players, the Charm is holding a tryout this coming Saturday, July 16th, at the Frederick Indoor Sports Center. Starting at 10:30 a.m., interested players should show up in shorts, tank tops and cleats and be prepared to be put through tough conditioning drills as well as football related activities.

Ladies who think all they have to do is to show up and look sexy, but do not have the athleticism, skills and commitment to eat, breathe and live football for the next six months should stay at home. This is not powder puff football as you will see if  you click on the above links and watch the highlights. These girls are serious and focused on becoming good, solid football players, while still looking beautiful at the same time.

For any questions, follow the Charm on Twitter (@mybmorecharm) or email