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Ravens Potential Free Agents Include 3 Corners

There's been a ton of talk not only here on Baltimore Beatdown but on sportstalk radio all over town about which of the free agents on the Baltimore Ravens need to be re-signed when the Collective Bargaining Agreement is signed by the NFL owners and players. Included in that lengthy group, are three cornerbacks who have played starting and significant roles over the past couple of seasons.

While most people think the decision between bringing back cornerbacks Chris Carr, Josh Wilson and Fabian Washington is just between the first two, there does remain the chance that both of them could be re-signed. Of course, as noted in the story on Football News Now, it will all depend on how the team prioritizes the rest of their potential free agents.

With guard/tackle Marshal Yanda being one of, if not the top free agent in the Ravens crosshairs, there is also tackle Jared Gaither, safety Dawan Landry and fullback LeRon McClain among others. Not only do the Ravens need to determine which of their own free agents to re-sign, they must also target potential veteran free agents that will be available if not re-signed by their former teams. Once that is done, there will also be a feeding frenzy on the rookie undrafted free agents out there, all still waiting in what has become known as "NFL Free-Agent Limbo."