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Ravens Draft Pick To Pitch For Orioles

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In an effort to not only spark ticket sales but to lend much needed assistance to the beleaguered bullpen, the Baltimore Orioles have extended an offer to Baltimore Ravens rookie wide receiver Torrey Smith (Maryland) to join their pitching staff. Decimated by a combination of injuries and ineffectiveness, the Birds are desperate and willing to look at any and all alternatives to the stiffs that they have been throwing out there night after night for what will now be 14 straight losing seasons.

Meanwhile, just across the parking lot form Oriole Park at Camden Yards, the Ravens have played winning football in M&T Bank Stadium for the last three years and for eight of eleven seasons from the 2000 Super Bowl-winning season. The Orioles are hoping that the infusion of that winning attitude might change the losing environment that have both Baltimore franchises at the polar opposite ends of team and individual success.

Unfortunately, this story is just not ever going to happen, as not only would the Ravens allow any of their valuable players engage in another sport, the Orioles probably wouldn't sign a player that actually went to college as they usually sign their players directly out of high school. at the same time, if safety Tom Zbikowski can step into the boxing ring without any labor agreement telling him otherwise, then perhaps.....nah, nevermind!

(This story was meant to be humorous and fill space in an attempt to entertain the readers of Baltimore Beatdown and in no way was primarily posted to disparage the Baltimore Orioles or their long-suffering fans in any intentional way.)