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Ravens Need To Hire This Kid!

The Baltimore Ravens would make a smart move if they were to hire this little kid to ultimately be the replacement for Ray Lewis when it comes to pumping up the other players prior to gametime. Ray Lewis' motivational speeches have psyched up players and fans alike for over 15 years, as well as a legion of fans around the country, regardless of what teams they root for.

Ray's words and interviews are legendary throughout the NFL and his speeches will surely be missed when he finally hangs up the cleats for the last time. However, watching this little boy who has just learned how to ride a bike give a similar speech for all those other little kids out there who don't think they can ever learn to ride one will remind you of what Ray says to his teammates just before gametime each Sunday.

The kid is fast becoming a YouTube sensation himself and the article in the Orlando Sentinel posts both the kid's speech as well as one of Ray's classics for comparison. Check it out!