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Baltimore Charm: On The Field & In The Classroom

The LFL on MTV2 Friday Nights
The LFL on MTV2 Friday Nights

Lest anyone think for even one second that the Lingerie Football League is more like powder-puff football than real tackle football, take a look at the article written by none other myself on the league's website, LFL360. The Baltimore Charm are preparing for their second season in the LFL and with that one year of experience, 2011 figures to be a huge upgrade over their rookie year.

They've added players and have more veterans than they ever had before and won't be satisfied with just improving over last year. To that end, they've been practicing as a team for a few months now and head into serious training camp later this month. Part of their practices have been strategy classroom sessions, where offensive and defensive formations with the same terminology that one would hear in any NFL training camp are discussed.

The players are still fighting for roster spots, so you'd better believe these ladies are taking this seriously. They're certainly not in it for the big bucks, which are virtually non-existent, as they play for a percentage of the gate of the arenas they play their games in. However, when you see the players on crutches from knee surgery, the mangled fingers, twisted ankles and various bumps, scrapes and bruises, you will know these girls truly just love playing the same type of game us Baltimore Ravens fans love to watch.

Plan on taking in a game this fall at the 1st Mariner Arena and mark your calendars to see the Lingerie Football League's Baltimore Charm, starting Friday, September 16, 2011.