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Ravens' Flacco Speaks About Training Camp

Joe Flacco joined Philadelphia radio station 97.5 The Fanatic to discuss a bunch of issues and says the players do not  need a long training camp nor two-a-day practices in order to be ready for the 2011 NFL regular season. As posted in Sport Radio Interviews, Flacco dished on how his time in the NFL has made him a star back home, if he ever gets in his wide receiver's "grill" during the games, Ray Lewis' recent comments on the lockout increasing crime and what it's like to have a slew of nice receiving targets this coming season.

Joe was asked if he's had more time to hone his golf game during this period of down time, and it was good to hear that he's staying busying studying the playbook rather than spending time on the links. Flacco said that in the past, players might have used the majority of Training Camp to get into playing shape, but they all pretty much stay in shape all year around and really only need the camp to get "sharp" and work on some of the newer plays.

Flacco apparently is just plain old "Joe" when he returns to South Jersey, seeing his old neighborhood and high school friends who are just not awestruck when they see him, which helps him stay humble and keep his feet on the ground. However, unless he can prove that he can beat the Pittsburgh Steelers when they have Ben Roethlisberger playing, he will never rise to that "star" status people around Baltimore hope he does.