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Who Follows Baltimore Beatdown?

World Map
World Map

Since Baltimore Beatdown is a blog on the Baltimore Ravens, one might think that those who follow it are from the Baltimore or Maryland area. There might be people in other areas who are Baltimore/Maryland transplants who still follow the Ravens. However, since Baltimore has only had the Ravens for fifteen seasons, there are not the ton of fans that have followed them for decades compared to so many other franchises.

However, you'll be surprised who is following this blog when you read the locations where fans have clicked on The Beatdown to read more about what is going on with our favorite NFL team. I looked back in my stats over the last 200 locations to view Baltimore Beatdown and was surprised to see the variety of locations noted. While most of them were from the surrounding area (Maryland, DC, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware), a lot were from all over the United States and beyond.

Twenty-eight states, including the District of Columbia, were represented over the last 200 hits, but even more impressive were the number of countries that logged onto Baltimore Beatdown. Eight foreign countries checked in to see how our Ravens were doing, impressive especially in such a down time of the season, magnified by the current NFL labor agreement. It apears that the Ravens have fans in France, Germany, Australia, India, Denmark, New Zealand, Canada and the United Kingdom.

So where are you from and if not from this area, where your local allegiance is expected, why do you follow the NFL's Baltimore Ravens through SB Nation's Baltimore Beatdown?