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Ravens Roosts' 47th Annual Convention

The Association of Baltimore Ravens' Roosts held their 47th annual convention in Ocean City, Maryland this past weekend and while the NFL lockout may be keeping football of the playing field, it certainly is forefront in the minds of some fans. The Ravens Roosts have been around as long as the Ravens have been in town (1996), but they are just a continuation of what used to be known as the Colts Corral, whose fans followed the blue and white horseshoe of the Baltimore Colts while they were in town until the winter of 1984.

Over 3,000 fans showed up and represented their local roosts, with competitions in many things, including a parade with floats from each roost, depicting the individual roosts and their common love of the Ravens as well as their hatred for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

PressBox Online covered the convention and posted a story on the event. Football News Now wrote an article on it as well, noting that due to the lockout, team players did not attend, although they usually have shown up in the past.