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Plaxico Burress Released From Prison Today

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Ironic that former New York Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress gets released from his two-year prison sentence on this date, isn't it? The former Pittsburgh Steeler and Giant now is free to sign with any NFL team that offers him a contract, once the labor dispute is settled and free agency opens up. However, what will be the market for a guy on the wrong side of 30 who hasn't been on the gridiron in over two seasons and was just released from prison? On the 67th anniversary of WWII's D-Day, no less!

Apparently, enough to warrant a possible bidding war, according to his agent, Drew Rosenhaus. The always self-promoting Rosenhaus met Burress as he was officially released this morning from an upstate New York prison, according to a story at SB Nation. If Burress still has any of his skills remaining, then he could add an interesting option for whomever is throwing the ball in his direction. SB Nation's story includes a link to another story with five potential landing places for the ex-con (NOT Baltimore!).

That's the big question, but in order to find out, some team is going to have to brace for a public relations nightmare by giving him a chance to prove to everyone who passes on him that there is still a lot left in Burress' tank. Here's hoping that while he might still have a little something up his sleeve, but not hidden in his sweatpants like he did in that New York nightclub over two years ago.

One of Baltimore Beatdown readers said back then that Plaxico should have been sentenced to two years in jail just for wearing sweatpants in a New York nightclub!