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World War II's D-Day & The NFL

Five owners in the National Football League served this country during World War II. With today being the 67-year anniversary of the Normandy Invasion, we reflect back on the service of these five guys and hold them up high in terms of the respect they deserve for their sacrifice to protect the freedoms that we take for granted each and every day.

Those five NFL owners are Tom Benson (New Orleans Saints), Bud Adams (Tennessee Titans), William Clay Ford (Detroit Lions), Alex Spanos (San Diego Chargers) and Ralph Wilson (Buffalo Bills). The fact that these guys risked their lives at such a difficult time for this country and the entire world, then succeeded enough in business to be able to purchase and own an NFL team, makes one applaud their abilities to get to the place they now so richly deserve.

The National Word War II Museum in New Orleans honored these five NFL owners as part of an exhibit to recognize the NFL's contribution to the war effort, selling millions of dollars in War Bonds and donating revenues from exhibition games, according to a story at

So before we decide which side to take in the NFL labor dispute on how to divide the $9 billion of revenue, remember what these five owners have lived through before calling them "greedy."