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National Football Post Says Steelers Are Targeted By NFL

Matt Bowen of the National Football Post says that the Pittsburgh Steelers are definitely being targeted by the NFL in terms of flagging violent hits. He says their style of football, which of course is very similar to the Baltimore Ravens' in that both teams are physical to the point of walking that tightrope between legal and illegal. The Steelers' players have been fined more than any other team in the league.

The NFL wants to cut down on the type of hits that the Steelers as well as the Ravens dish out on a weekly basis, making other teams fear them and other coaches want their players to play for them. However, as Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward reportedly said the other day, if this continues, the NFL will turn more into a "flag-football" league.

Don't expect the players to lay off putting the "wood" on opposing players, as while they realize they might be fined or even suspended, they also know that teams are always looking for that type of player to offer boatloads of cash to come play for them and the threat of a $50-75,000 fine will not deter them from their goals nor their targets.