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Ravens May Hold Part Of Training Camp At M&T Bank Stadium For Fans

Baltimore Ravens Training Camp (2010)
Baltimore Ravens Training Camp (2010)

If the Baltimore Ravens do not hold their summer Training Camp at McDaniel College in Westminster, Maryland, they may hold a few practices in Baltimore at M&T Bank Stadiums so that their fans can catch a glimpse of their favorite players. If the NFL labor dispute is not settled within the next 30 days, according to team president, Dick Cass, from a story by Mike Preston in the Baltimore Sun.

The team, McDaniel College, as well as the Best Western Hotel, which closes completely to host the Ravens, have to make a decision in order to plan for the future. The city of Westminster stands to lose millions of dollars in revenue if the summer Training Camp is not held there as it has been since the team moved here from Cleveland in 1996.

That would be a shame in so many ways, not only for the merchants who rely on this annual flock of over 100,000 fans each summer to eat, drink and spend their money in the area, but also for the fans. Many of those fans will lose their only chance to see their favorite players in person, since they cannot afford or get tickets to the game, much less a chance for the younger fans to get the player's autographs.