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Ravens' Gaither Being Targeted By Raiders?

Depending on how you think the NFL owners and players will end up settling the current labor dispute, Baltimore Ravens tackle Jared Gaither will either be a restricted or unrestricted free agent. If both sides sign a new Collective Bargaining Agreement, it is likely that Gaither will be unrestricted, free to sign wherever he chooses. If the league ends up playing by 2010 rules, then he would be a restricted free agent and most likely remain with the team at least one more season.

The Oakland Raiders are in need of help on the offensive line, as well as many other areas. According to SB Nation's Oakland Raiders blog,Silver and Black Pride, Gaither would fill a huge void on their offensive line and become one of the best tackles in the league. The Raiders would surely lose their All-Pro cornerback in Nnamdi Asomugha, and therefore would have the cash necessary to sign Gaither to a huge payday.

Gaither has publicly stated that he still wants to play left tackle, not on the right side as the Ravens project him to be if he returns. In fact, while he would have to compete with rookie Jah Reid for the right tackle position on the Ravens, he would immediately step in and start at left tackle for the Raiders, much less be paid like a left tackle, the second highest paid position in the league behind the quarterback.

This is, of course, all speculation at this point in time. However, it is certainly food for thought, as both teams have issues on the offensive line, although the Ravens are still in a much better position, with or without Gaither.