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Choices For HBO's 'Hard Knocks' Includes Ravens

Joe Fortenbaugh of the National Football Post listed his five choices for the next installment of the HBO series, 'Hard Knocks,' and thinks that the Baltimore Ravens would be a good option. The Ravens were featured on the initial premier of the series back in 2001, but Fortenbaugh thinks that any show that has Ray Lewis and his passion for the game will draw football fans to the show, noting,  "I guarantee that you would be tuning in every week just to see what Ray Lewis says next."

Of course, his first choice is the Pittsburgh Steelers, but despite the rivalry and hatred for our AFC North opponents, there is a mutual respect that should interest even Ravens fans to see what goes on in the Steelers Training Camp. Fortenbaugh also lists the New Orleans Saints as a good choice, as well as the Oakland Raiders and Washingotn Redskins, adding on the latter team, "America loves a good train wreck!"

In his list of teams he would not want to see are the boring Indianapolis Colts, the tight-lipped New England Patriots, the unknown Tennessee Titans, the 'Tim Tebow-filled' Denver Broncos and the Jacksonville Jaguars, whom Fortenbaugh says, "Even the people in Jacksonville don’t want to see the Jaguars."