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Ravens' Ray Rice on TMZ

Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice was photographed and videotaped going into a fundraiser in New York City by celebrity gossip TV show,TMZ. Rice was kind enough to stop and allow himself to be interviewed for a few moments before heading inside. He is described by TMZ as being "the nicest guy ever," and his willingness to play along was proof positive.

They asked him was he was doing during the lockout and then asked him how it felt to have those 300 pound guys on top of him when being tackled. Ray laughed and said it hurt underneath all that weight and asked for those 300-pounders to "please stay off of me."

Next they asked Ray if anything dirty happened underneath the pile of players after a tackle is made. Ray replied that "some dirty stuff" went on under that pile and shook hands with the interviewer after politely and patiently answering his questions.

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