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2012 Mock Draft Has Ravens Taking Defensive Lineman

Another 2012 Mock Draft is already being published and this time they have the Baltimore Ravens selecting a defensive lineman with their pick in the first round. First Regime sees the Ravens finishing strong in the 2011 season but not drafting in one of the two final spots, eaning the Super Bowl positions. Once again, they are the definition of "close, but no cigar," picking in the 27thslot. The final two teams are the New England Patriots (31st) and Green Bay Packers (32nd).

The 29th and 30th teams are the Indianapolis Colts and Pittsburgh Steelers, respectively. Those final four teams are certainly worthy of being in the mix for the 2012 Super Bowl, yet they are also the "safe" picks for a website to steer clear of any bold predictions.

They have the Baltimore Ravens selecting Nebraska defensive lineman, Jared Crick, who would be a perfect fit for the scheme this defense runs. Listed as a defensive tackle, Crick would move to DE in the Ravens 3-4 primary defensive sets. Listed at 6'8" and 285 pounds, that makes him the prototypical size that would be able to fend off the big offensive lineman and also athletic enough to put pass pressure on the quarterback.