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One Cornerback Who Will Not Be Kept By Ravens

With all the talk about the glaring need for cornerback help, the Baltimore Ravens went out and drafted not just one, but two in April's 2011 NFL Draft. Both first round pick, Jimmy Smith (Colorado) and fifth round selection Chykie Brown (Texas) were brought in to help a secondary that was considered one the team's weak links. The team also will have to make serious decisions with a few others corners who should be free agents once the NFL Lockout ends, reported to be happening shortly

One cornerback that the Ravens almost definitely will not be retaining is Travis Fisher. Fisher was "intercepted" by Miami police recently, driving with a suspended license, according to a story on NBC Miami. Not only was it suspended, but it had been suspended two other times as well. Fisher was originally pulled over for failing to yield to oncoming traffic after midnight on June 28th.

The Ravens were Fisher's fourth team in his nine year NFL career and after this recent incident, if he is ever going to play in the league again, it may have to be for what will be his fifth team.