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Jimmy Smith's Character Issues Old News

SB Nation has regional hubs in some of their markets in addition to their over 300 other sports blogs in this network. SB Nation's Denver Hub did a short story on their local product, former Colorado Buffalo star Jimmy Smith, now of the Baltimore Ravens.

Offering apologies for the story, which referenced ESPN's James Walker's AFC North Blog from just before the 2011 NFL Draft in April, they note how Walker was concerned about Smith's off the field character concerns. Walker acknowledged that he thought Smith's talent could have him going as high as the 13th overall pick in the draft, but those so-called behavior issues might give reason for many teams to shy away from him.

With the draft being in the past, Jimmy Smith was selected by the Baltimore Ravens with their 26th pick in the first round of the draft and while Ravens fans have known this all along, they mention how Smith may be kept in line by some inside linebacker named Ray Lewis. Gee, really?